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Rules & Regulations for the Bulk Buy Lift Ticket Program 

Below are links to the individual pages and also a copy of the Rules & Regulations for the Bulk Buy Program.

Once again this year Okemo Mountain has it's own additional set of Rules and Regulations - any member purchasing Okemo tickets needs to read this prior to purchasing tickets.

Winterset Bulk Ticket Purchase – 2016 / 2017 Season


The bulk buy ticket program is sponsored by the Connecticut Ski Council for their member clubs.  As such, each purchaser must be a member of a participating club.  Here are a few guidelines for this year’s program.

  • Bulk buy purchasers must be fully paid-up members of Winterset Ski club.
  • Bulk buy tickets are intended only for Winterset Ski Club members. They cannot be resold to non-club members. Any violation will jeopardize your ability to use Bulk Tickets, obtain credit for unused tickets and to participate in future programs. Therefore any abuse of this program will result in termination of your membership in Winterset.
  • Ticket prices are negotiated with the Ski areas based on an estimated purchase volume for all Connecticut Ski Council member clubs.  If this volume is not met, some tickets may not be offered.
  • Ticket orders must be received by the bulk buy coordinator on or before Sept 30, 2016.
  • Bulk buy purchases must comprise two (2) separate checks.  One is for the full purchase price of the 2016/2017 order less any credit due from last year’s purchase.  The 2nd check is to cover the cost of shipping the tickets to the purchaser.  If the tickets are picked up in person, this check will be returned.
  • Each check must be made out to “Winterset Ski Club”.
  • Based on when the resorts supply the ticket vouchers, these vouchers will be ready for pickup at Raffle Night on November 20 2016.  If tickets are picked up in person, the 2nd check will be with the tickets. 
  • If tickets are not picked up at Raffle Night, the tickets will be shipped via USPS during the next week.
  • Further information can be obtained by contacting the bulk ticket coordinator via e-mail at or phone 860-490-0870.
  • Please DO NOT send Bulk Buy orders to any address other than the one listed on the bottom of the Bulk Buy Form.    Do not send membership information or payments to the Bulk ticket coordinator
  • If any contact information on your Bulk Buy Order form is incorrect, please modify the form to provide us with the correct information.  This will make it easier to contact you.
  • Please also remember to update your phone and e-mail address online in your member account.    


----------------------------------- Return/Credit Policy ---------------------------


A limited amount of vouchers may be returned at the end of the season for credit towards next year’s purchase.  The return amount is set by the ski resort and is generally 10%-20% but there is no guarantee that the resorts will accept returns.  Please keep these return limits in mind when ordering. 

  • You should only purchase tickets that you think you’re going to use.
  • Your credit amount(s) is shown on the Bulk Buy Order form included in this package
  • Only credit is given for prior year ticket returns- no refund is given.  Credit for last year’s unused tickets that were returned in April 2016 are shown on the Order Forms mailed to you and can be deducted from this year’s purchase.  Contact the bulk buy coordinator if you’re uncertain of the credit amount (if any).
  • Credit for last year’s tickets can only be applied towards tickets to the mountain that grants the credit.  You cannot return Okemo tickets last year and apply the credit toward Killington tickets.
  • Credit dollar reductions are based on last season’s prices not this seasons.
  • Vouchers must be returned to the Bulk Buy Coordinator in April after the ski season ends for any allowable credit.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE 

Connecticut Ski Council

Bulk Ticket and Awareness Days Policies 2016-2017


The following is the policy of the Connecticut Ski Council regarding the purchase and use of bulk ticket vouchers.  The CSC requires that all member-clubs comply with these policies.


Purchase of Vouchers:

  • Bulk ticket vouchers may be purchased by CT Ski Council member-clubs only, and only after the club has been a member of the CSC for one full year.
  • Bulk tickets are for the exclusive use of dues-paying members of CSC member-clubs.
  • CSC annual dues must be paid in full prior to the club placing bulk ticket orders.
  • Orders will be placed at the October CSC meeting each year.Vouchers are to be picked up at the November CSC meeting by the club’s designee.Under no circumstances will bulk tickets be mailed to a club.


Exchange of Vouchers for Daily Lift Tickets:

  • Each club member 18 years of age or older must be issued a club membership card, and the current year’s CSC sticker must be affixed to that card.Family membership club cards must list the names of family members on the card and must affix a current and valid CSC sticker for each person listed.Clubs may elect to issue membership cards to individuals under the age of 18 in lieu of listing names on a family card.
  • Club membership cards will be shown by individuals to ticket window personnel when a voucher is being redeemed for a daily lift ticket.Mountain resorts have the right to request and/or require identification in addition to club membership cards at their discretion.Resorts also have the right to refuse redemption of voucher if a valid membership card is not presented for each voucher to be exchanged for lift ticket.

Policy Violations:

  • Clubs shall not charge their members any additional purchase fee, and shall only sell vouchers to its members at the price quoted by the CSC.We recommend that no tickets shall be mailed to individuals by the clubs, but in the event this occurs, actual postage fees may be charged by the club to the individual on a per-order basis only.
  • Distribution of vouchers through other avenues such as but not limited to websites, eBay, resort parking lots, guests of rental properties or contest give-aways will result in the banning of the individual from purchasing vouchers in subsequent seasons.
  • Names of chronic and blatant individual violators will be provided to all CSC member-clubs on an annual basis.
  • Violation of the CT Ski Council policies will result in possible termination of the individual’s membership in his/her club, and possible expulsion of the club from the CSC.

Return of Unused Vouchers at Close of Season:

  • All unused vouchers shall be returned to the CSC bulk ticket coordinators at the May CSC meeting – no exceptions.
  • A dollar percentage of unused vouchers shall be credited to each club that has returned said vouchers.The credit shall be applied to the purchase of the following year’s vouchers.
  • The percentage will vary according to the contract with the individual participating resort.Credit is based on an aggregate figure allotted to the CSC.
  • Refer to Okemo Bulk Ticket Policy for specific return instructions.


Please note: Policies apply to both Southern and Northern tiers.  There may be modifications in Northern tier policies; please contact those coordinators for details.


Please note: All membership card information also applies to all CSC Awareness days.

Okemo Bulk Ticket Program 2016-2017


There is a small change for users of Okemo tickets this season.  Okemo tickets cannot be used at Mt. Sunapee.  If you wish to ski at that resort, please order bulk tickets for Mt. Sunapee. 


Okemo was very generous with the returns for last season giving us a 27% credit and did not charge the $1 per ticket return.  However, that policy is in place for this season.  Please review the policy and usage of the RFID cards.


Here are the important things for you and you club members to know:


Carry ONLY ONE TICKET in your pocket/wallet/jacket when you ski.  If you carry more than one, ALL of the tickets will be scanned and thereby INVALIDATED when you try to use them another day.  In addition, no other RFID cards from other resorts may be carried concurrently.  


All skiers will be scanned at lift entry, and skier ID and photo stored in the scanner.


At the end of the ski day, TEAR UP AND THROW OUT THE USED TICKET.  Provided access cards are single use only and may not be reloaded.


Okemo will continue to accept a 20% return at the end of the season.  However, OKEMO will deduct $1 for every ticket returned from the credit due for the next ski season.  Therefore, you must order carefully – DO NOT over-order.  Okemo will allow the CSC to place additional orders (of 25 or more each time) throughout the season, so you will always be able to purchase tickets at the CSC discounted rate.


Tickets have an ID number.  IT IS MANDATORY THAT EACH BULK TICKET COORDINATOR FOR EVERY CLUB RECORD THE ID NUMBER AND THE CLUB MEMBER’S NAME.  If there are any problems or abuses of the program, both Okemo and the CSC can directly trace it back to the club member.  If this is NOT done and there are problems, the entire club’s tickets can be invalidated at the discretion of Okemo.  These tickets CANNOT be used by anyone other than the individual club member.  They cannot be sold, given away to friends, or used as perks in club lodges or private homes.  Tickets are a member-only privilege. 


Credits from the return of last season’s vouchers will be applied to the purchase of this season’s tickets, as always.  You will place your Okemo order just as you have done in the past.  The only difference for the user is that they are LIVE tickets, scanned at lift entry, and that every unused ticket returned will be charged $1 per ticket toward the credit for next season.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Nancy Nolan (203-272-4681) and Ginny Ludwig  

CSC Bulk Ticket Committee (Southern Tier)