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 Bulk Buy Lift Tickets

Winterset Bulk Ticket Purchase – 2016/2017 Season

2017 Bulk Buy Lift Ticket Return Information


All tickets needed to be returned by April 29th, 2017.
No returns are being taken at this time.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these dates due to constraints imposed by the Connecticut Ski Council (CSC).

Email the club at: 
and put BULK BUY in the subject line.

Bulk Buy Ticket Time Line 2016:

The following is the timeline for submission of your Bulk Buy Orders:


  • Orders submitted with a Personal Check for payment must be "RECEIVED” at my address by Monday September 26, 2016.
  • Any orders received after that date and before Friday September 30, 2016  must include a Cashier or Bank check for the purchase amount of your tickets.
  • If you wish to pay in person, you have two events where you may do so:
    Winterset’s Club Picnic at “Treadwell Park” 39 Philo Curtis Rd in Sandy Hook on Sunday September 18, 2016  OR
    The Meeting House, Newtown, CT on Friday September 30, 2016 between the hours of 6.30pm and 8.30 pm (ONLY cash or cashier’s check accepted for ticket purchase).
  • Please remember to include your mailing fee – we prefer if you give us a personal check for the mailing fee (makes the accounting easier) – remember the mailing fee will be in the same envelope as your Bulk Tickets if you pick them up at our Raffle Night event.   If you do not pick up your tickets, we will cash the mailing check and mail your tickets over the course of the following week.
  • Please remember to go to your online account and renew your membership – we are not permitted to give you any Bulk Buy tickets if you are not a paid up member of the club.  Do not send a membership check with your Bulk Buy Order, it will not be processed and will likely result in your being charged a late fee.


Also note that Okemo will again allow for additional Bulk Tickets to be ordered during the season so be aware of this when determining how many tickets you wish to purchase at this time.


Bulk Buy Lift Ticket Voucher Program
Offered through the Connecticut Ski Council (CSC)


The Bulk Buy Lift Ticket Voucher Program is offered to Winterset Members through the Connecticut Ski Council.  Through the CSC's partnerships with Northeast resorts, they are able to offer steeply discounted lift tickets to their club members.  As Winterset Ski Club is a member of the Connecticut Ski Council.  We are able to offer this program and discounts to all our club members.


The bulk ticket program is designed to give ski club members an opportunity to purchase lift tickets for the upcoming season at reduced rates.  These savings can amount to 30%-40% of the retail lift ticket price. The vouchers for these tickets are ordered in September and delivered in November.  These vouchers are presented to the ski resort by the club member along with their membership ID and exchanged for the appropriate lift tickets.  Any unused vouchers can be turned in at the end of the ski season for credit towards new vouchers for the same mountain next year.  Not all mountains give 100% credit every year.  Please read all the rules and regulations before buying vouchers. 

Please see the FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions below and the the Rules & Regulations sheet to get learn more about this program.



Winterset Bulk Ticket Purchase – 2016/2017 Season

Bulk Buy Ticket Vouchers are sold in September.
Orders come in and are picked up at our Raffle Night event in November or mailed out during the week following Raffle Night. 
Unused Bulk Buy Lift Ticket Returns are made in the month of APRIL to get credit for next year.

What is the Bulk Buy Lift Ticket Program?
This is a program set up by the Connecticut Ski Council (CSC) for all their participating clubs to save skiers money on lift tickets to many of the ski areas in the Northeast.  Winterset is a member of the CSC, therefore, you as a member of Winterset are able to partake in this program.

Winterset Ski Club through the CSC offers it's membership the opportunity to advance purchase lift tickets and lift ticket vouchers for many of the area ski resorts.  During about 3 weeks in the month of September members are offered a list of mountains and ticket prices.  Any paid member may purchase these tickets and vouchers, which have NO BLACK OUT DATES, for use during the coming ski season.  These tickets and vouchers are for your use as an individual member, and are not needed for Day Bus Trips and/or longer trips that Winterset Ski Club offers it's members.


What do I need to know before purchasing Vouchers?
Bulk Buy ticket purchases paid by personal check must be RECEIVED by September 26, 2016.  Any orders received by mail after this date must be in the form of CASH or CERTIFIED/CASHIER'S CHECK and received by September 30, 2016.


Your last opportunity to place a Bulk Buy order will be "In person" with either CASH or a CERTIFIED/CASHIER'S CHECK on Friday, September 30, 2016 between the hours of 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm at The Meeting House, Newtown, CT.

Absolutely no further orders will be taken after September 30, 2016.

**Any personal check orders received after 9/26 and cash/certified/cashier check orders received after 9/29 will be returned

  • Purchaser must be a paid club member for the 2016-2017 season in order to receive the bulk buy tickets that they ordered.    
  • Two checks are required for processing orders (ticket purchase and mailing fee - mailing fee is for tickets not picked up in person by member and will be returned at the time your tickets are personally picked up.
  • Note: credits for unused tickets are not guaranteed.

What if I don't use all the Vouchers that I order?
Each mountain has it's own return/credit policy.  Most mountain will offer members credit on unused, returned vouchers -- this credit MUST be used the following ski season to purchase new vouchers for that same mountain.  At the end of the season (During the month of April to be exact) Winterset members turn in unused vouchers to the Bulk Buy Ticket Coordinator, who in turn returns them to the CSC for credit for vouchers for next season --- PLEASE SEE THE INFORMATION FROM THE CSC AS TO THE EXACT RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR THESE RETURNS -- please note that credit is not guaranteed, so try to plan your purchases accordingly.

Do I need to purchase Vouchers for Winterset Trips?
No, lift tickets for any trips through Winterset will be purchased by the club and given to the members on and for that trip.

Are Bulk Buy Tickets the same as CSC Awareness Days?
No, this is a different program from the Awareness Days.  These vouchers are good any day during the ski season at the particular mountain that you purchased tickets for.  The CSC Awareness Days are a listing of specific dates/mountains/prices.  You show up at the specific mountain, on the assigned date, show your membership card at the purchase window and get the discounted Awareness Day price.

Is the price of the Awareness Days the same as the Bulk Buy Ticket prices?
Usually not -- the prices may be more or less depending on the day/date/month, etc.

Additional Questions:  email the Bulk Buy Director Brenda Murray at: and put BB Tickets in the subject line.

Please see the rest of the information on this an the other Bulk Buy pages to get all the rules and regulations that go with these purchases.