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Day Bus Ski Trips

There are 5 Day Bus Ski Trips this year.
Please open and read the Day Bus Ski Trips 2019 link  Day Bus Ski Trips 2019 

Day Bus Ski Trip 1/6/19 Mt Snow - 1/6/2019 - Leave time 5:45 am
Day Bus Ski Trip 1/12/19 Killington - 1/12/2019 - Leave time 5:30 am
Day Bus Ski Trip 1/26/19 Mt Snow - 1/26/2019 - Leave time 5:45 am

Day Bus Ski Trip 2/10/19 Bromley - 2/10/2019 - Leave time 5:45 am
Midweek - Day Bus Ski Trip 3/6/19 to Killington - 3/6/2019 -- CANCELLED

Day Bus Trip Wednesday, March 6th To Killington is cancelled.


Day Bus Trip Leaders Jay Dinnan & Kevin McNerney can be reached at:

The ski trips for the 2018-19 Ski Season are:
Sunday, January 6, 2019 - Mount Snow - lift ticket price is $53.00
Saturday, January 12, 2019 - Killington - lift ticket price is $54.00
Saturday, January 26, 2019 - Mount Snow - lift ticket price is $53.00
Sunday, February 10, 2019 - Bromley - lift ticket price is $45.00
Wednesday, March 6, 2019 - Killington - lift ticket price is $49.00

Once Again This Year -- Day Bus Ski Trips sign up and registration will be done online.
You will need your Member Logon and Password to start.  Day Bus Trips can be viewed only when logged in as a Winterset member.  Instructions for online signing up are below.

Bus Information: 
  - Where: Southbury's Commuter Lot Exit 14 I84.1 pick up & drop location to save time & $
  - Departs for mountain at 5:45 AM sharp so be early
  - Departs ski area at 4:30 PM & estimated return to commuter lot will be ~7:45 PM

All participants MUST be WSC/Sterling members so bring your membership card so we can purchase your discounted lift tickets at the mountain.

All children under 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult.

All must sign/acknowledge waiver policy form

The bus company has significantly increased their cost due to new driver regulations limiting their hours by the Fed. As a result, we had to limit the number of trips to four and increase the adult ticket prices this year. Also we increased the  WSC subsidy for each trip up to $1,400 so we can still offer great bus seat prices...
  - WSC Adult $20; Child $10 (Child is up to 21 years old)
  - Sterling Adult $30; Child $20 (Note: SSC members still must sign up manually so please contact Jay)
The bus driver's tip is included in these prices.

Also please note Jay Dinnan & Kevin McNerney are WSC's new day bus trip coordinator.
They can be reached at:

How to do this: 
Go to the Home Page.  Login in the upper right hand corner.
Once logged in, go to the Calendar Page.  Click on the month of the Day Bus trip you would like to sign up for.
Click on the Name of the Trip OR the green "View" arrow on the right.  From here you can see all the details for the Day Bus Ski Trip - times, rules, regulations, costs, etc.
To sign up go to the right hand side and click the "Register Now" button.  Scroll down the Registrant Type should already show 1 WSC Bus Trip Adult, if this is true, click "Next".
If a second Winterset Adult or a Winterset child or children are going with you on the trip, and you are paying for all the tickets, click on the green "Add Guest to Registration" -- to go on a Winterset Day Bus Ski Trip, you MUST be a paid Winterset or Sterling Ski Club member.  The term "guest" used here is general, and does not mean anyone other than a paid member in good standing.
If you are going on this trip or signing just yourself up on this trip then hit "Next".
If you are signing up a second adult member or a child/children after filling out the name and Reg Type hit save.  When all members are signed up hit the "Next" button.
The next screen should show you the Activities for the first person signed up.
Bus Seat and Lift Tickets - if you so choose not buy a Lift Ticket unclick the lift ticket box.
Then click "Next".
If you have signed up other member to go with you on this trip, repeat the last set of steps for each member signed up.
Then click "Next".  From here you need to click on the button on the waiver box, approving the waiver.
Then, click on "Next".
You will see a summary page - please review this page.  If correct, hit "Complete Registration".
This will take you to the Payment Page.  Please follow the instructions on the payment page to complete the registration.

To see who is already signed up for the trip, look at the Registration list. 

Rules & Regulations for Day Bus Ski Trips

Day Bus Trips -- Rules and Regulations 
If for some reason the trip needs to be cancelled, you will be contacted. 

Please also make sure your phone number and/or email addresses on your membership registration are correct. 
You may want to include a second phone number or a cell phone number on your membership. 

Again this year -- ONE stop - the bus will pick up ALL members at the Commuter Parking Lot at EXIT 14
off I-84 in Southbury. If you are looking for an address to use for GPS, you can use the address of the church,
Sacred Heart Catholic Chuch, 910 Main St South, Southbury. The commuter
parking lot is directly
across from the front of the church.
After picking up all members, the bus will proceed directly to the mountain.
Knowing this, please bring any food and/or beverages you will need for the trip to and from the mountain.
There is a restroom on the bus. The bus will NOT be stopping at the deli on the return trip home. Please
bring food for the ride home, or purchase food to go from the mountain before returning to the bus. When we get to the ski area we ask that you wait on or next to the bus while the Ski Trip Director gets and passes out the lift tickets. After you get your lift ticket you are free to go. The club usually subsidized lessons. Anyone wishing to take a lesson please let the Bus Trip Director know either on your reservation form or before the trip. There is usually a PG movie on the bus ride home. There is no movie in the morning, due to most people wanting to get a little additional sleep. No ski boots can be worn on the bus. In the morning ski boots can be brought on the bus and placed under the seats. At the end of the day, we ask that ski boot be placed underneath with the skis. Snowboard boots may be worn on the bus. Please refrain from calling the Bus Trip Director at unreasonable hours - this includes both the night before and the morning of the trip. The email address for the Bus Trip Director is: When placing equipment in the storage bins under the bus, we ask that you please try to keep all skis and snowboards together in one or two bins and leave the other bin for coolers, boots, bags and other equipment. Please take the same seat for both the ride up and the ride back. Books, pillows, food for the ride home and such may be left on the bus during the day. The club and/or the bus company is NOT responsible for these items. There will be no access to the bus during the day - please bring everything you need with you into the lodge. WE NEED YOU TO MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE THE BUS CLEAN - trash bags can be found in the front and rear of the bus, check your area and take all trash and garbage with you when you leave. Please see the individual bus trips to find the time the bus will leave the mountain for the ride home.
Please be prompt at getting to the bus at the correct time and also, please note the bus number
and the name of the bus company. You must be a member of Winterset/Sterling to participate in the Day Bus Trips. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Anyone wishing to use Bulk Buy Lift Tickets on a trip may do so, please make note of this when sending in your reservation. Also please remind the Day Bus Trip Director of this before arriving at the mountain that day. BRING YOUR CLUB ID - we cannot purchase your lift ticket without it. If you cancel you will lose the $20 bus seat fee and you will be charged a $5.00 cancellation fee. Yes, there does seem to be a lot of things to know about joining us for a Day Bus Trip, most are common sense. We have a great time on these trips and hope that you join us. If you still have questions, or any comments, ideas or suggestions, please email us and use the words "Day Trip" in the subject line. Thanks and Happy Skiing!